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Our community

This is the web site of the Chti  (Region of north of France) JBUG (Jboss User Group).

Our purpose it to create a community around Jboss middleware software.

The term community means for us the following points :

  • Sharing the best practice in the use of jboss frameworks and software
  • Help in the adoption of those frameworks
  • Be a contact point for the community to interact as an active user group with jboss communities

As a start, we are more drools fans and for the moment are working on this framework. Our first work is to create a set of tools to help in the adoption drools in our local companies. Those tools are here to make drools "enterprise ready "by adopting an industrial approach :

we want to put in common a standard library that we shall all use in our drools project. This tools are of course open source and we use a friendly apache licence.

Indeed, drools like any other jboss framework is a swiss knife that offers all possibilities. Our framework implements the best practices that we implemented in real projects that goes from how to monitor, report and supervise the use of drools.

We hope you will enjoy our work and invite you to contact us in case of trouble. But do not forget we are a community !

How to contribute ?

How to contribute to our community ?

There are many ways you can contribute

  1. Use our libraries
  2. Tests them and report bugs
  3. write some documentation and tutorials and we shall publish them
  4. Contribute to the wiki
  5. Contribute to the code

Feel free to contact us if you have any other ideas to contribute like for example on other frameworks of jboss.


The ChtiJbug community was created by a few drools fanatic here in north of France (chti).

The list of members are :



We are using confluence for our wiki

the wiki of our drools-framework is here.